The Sporting Academy

The Sporting Academy Has Relocated

The Sporting Academy has recently relocated to the Nashville, TN area. We look forward to serving our new area and working with Shotgunners of all skill levels at our new location.

Welcome Shotgun Enthusiasts

Welcome to the home of The Sporting Academy, where our motto is simply "Making Every Shot Count". At The Sporting Academy we specialize in shooting instruction designed to create proficiency in the art of shotgunning. Regardless of your sport, Sporting Clays, Skeet, Trap, or Wingshooting, we believe the path to success and improvement centers around the fundamentals of shotgun shooting. Combining our shotgun instruction with a proven and reliable shooting system, higher scores and proficiency in the hunting fields are attainable, from entry level to experienced to competitive shooters and sportsmen alike.

We hope you enjoy the site, and hope to see you out on the range or in the field very soon.

Robert Roesch

Entry Level Shooter

Entry Level ShooterWhile shotgunning is not a difficult sport, learning the fundamentals can greatly increase the success and enjoyment our sport has to offer.  At The Sporting Academy we teach a repeatable and reliable shooting system that is the foundation for all levels of the sport. Feather or clay, these fundamentals remain constant, to the highest levels of competition or Wing Shooting in the field.

Intermediate and Advanced

Clay Target CompetitionAs skill levels increase the majority of shotgunning importance turns from how to break targets to breaking more targets. Those that have discovered the rewards of competitive shooting know that success lies in consistency, 100 times, with predictable results. At The Sporting Academy, advancing shooters will learn the skills and advanced techniques to "Make Every Shot Count".

Wingshooting Sportsmen

WingshootingClay Target Sports offer unique opportunities to hone wingshooting skills for the next hunting trip afield. Whether hunting flushing or passing game The Sporting Academy can help create envy in your hunting partners and make your pointers or retrievers ecstatic. Be it duck, pheasant, dove, or quail, with a few simple steps, your game pouch will fill faster than ever before.

Shotgun Training for all Skill Levels

Wing and Clay ShootingRegardless of your current Skill Level, The Sporting Academy has a training program to meet your specific needs. At The Sporting Academy, we have extensive experience in coaching youth, beginning shooters, or individuals interested in simply learning more about the shotgun sports. Providing a safe and educational environment is the cornerstone of introducing our sport to new shooters of all ages.

For the Sportsman our goals are simple, more game, consistently. At The Sporting Academy we tailor our lessons specifically to the type of hunting you prefer and offer techniques specific to your hunting style. While passing or flushing birds require different styles and techniques, more game in the game bag at the end of the hunt is our mutual goal.

For the advanced and competitive shooters, training programs are focused more specifically. Advanced techniques focused on consistency and performance are typical goals of the advanced and competitive shooter. Commonly the requests relate to consistency in the shooting box and higher scores in competition. Scoring strategies, mental concentration tactics, advanced shooting methods, and competition techniques are a few of the many areas you can expect to explore during advanced training sessions.

Whether beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced competitor, or sportsman, you will experience knowledgeable and patient instruction tailored to your goals and objectives, Making Every Shot Count.